Steve Hackett Live At The Bottom Line 1980 DVD

Steve Hackett Live At The Bottom Line 1980 DVD
Steve Hackett - Live at the Bottom Line 30th September 1980 Dvdr
Pro-shot film, digitised from timecoded tape of pre-broadcast masters.


1   Slogans
2   Every Day
3   The Red Flower Of Tachai
4   Tigermoth
5   Time To Get Out
6   The Steppes (1st part missing)
7   Acoustic Set
8   Kim
9   Narnia
10 Jacuzzi
11 Sentimental Institution
12 Spectral Mornings
13   A Tower Struck Down
14   Clocks
15   Band Introduction
16   The Show
17   It's Now Or Never
18   Please Don't Touch

Steve Hackett's 'Defector' tour, shot at the Bottom Line Club in New York on the 30th of September 1980.
Now, a word or two about the quality of this show. As it is from a pre-broadcast source, there is a timecode at the bottom of the screen throughout, it's translucent so not too intrusive but it is there. After awhile you don't even notice it and that's why we decided to release this video albeit a timecode.
And a special note about the filming - it is a pro-shot but there only seem to be 2 cameras and the editing isn't the best although there are some split screen effects and basic editing.

The actual quality of the picture is very good but not perfect - I suspect this was originally shot in NTSC but the only available version is PAL so there is some slight haziness in the picture, but I'd rate it a good A even if not reaching A+ standard. Likewise, the sound is not perfect but much better than any of the circulating FM recordings..  All in all we caught Steve Hackett and his band on an exceptional night and the band seem to be enjoying it as well, we're sure you'll enjoy this DVD.




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