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Supertramp A Rediscovery 1969-1979 2DVD Set

Supertramp A Rediscovery 1969-1979 2DVD Set

Disc 1
Young Music Show, Tokyo, Japan Aug. 26, 1976
This show is not the best quality, but apparently the only footage available of this show.

1. School
2. Bloody Well Right
3. Hide In Your Shell
4. Poor Boy
5. Dreamer
6. Rudy
7. Lady
8. Crime Of The Century
47.39 approx
Bonus footage includes:
Dreamer - Old Grey Whistle Test 1974
Dreamer - Top Of The Pops 1975
Bloody Well Right - Hammersmith Odeon 1975 - this clip starts off w/bad quality but improves quickly
Babaji - promo 1977
Breakfast In America promo - 1979
The Logical Song promo - 1979
Goodbye Stranger promo - 1979
Additional footage includes concert footage of songs such as School, Even In The Quietest
Moments, & Take The Long Way Home
Supertramp Portrait 1970  Dec. 14, 1969
Uncovered footage of a young Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies still performing as 'Daddy' in Germany Dec of 1969.  Also the only known footage of original member Richard Palmer on lead guitar and Keith Baker on drums


London, Queen Mary College, Nov. 10, 1977

1. Give A Little Bit
2. Bloody Well Right
3. Lady
4. From Now On
5. Babaji
6. Poor Boy
7. Dreamer
8. Another Man's Woman
9. Fool's Overture
10. Hide In Your Shell

Time: 46.48 approx
There are 3 different versions of QMC each showing a different part of the setlist played that night.  The first 8 songs are from an RFM TV broadcast (Rock Masters version) but left out were the final 2 songs from the setlist which were Fool's Overture and Hide In Your Shell.
Fool's Overture was shown on a BBC Sight & Sound broadcast
Hide In Your Shell was shown on a BBC4 broadcast but this time several earlier songs were left out!
So we took the missing 2 songs from the S&S & BBC4 versions and edited them into the RFM TV version to make for the very first complete version of this show!


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