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The Musical Box - A Trick Of The Tail Tour 2DVD Set

The Musical Box - A Trick Of The Tail Tour 2DVD Set

The Musical Box - A Trick Of The Tail 2Dvd Set

- The very first time ever on DVD! The Musical Box performing an entire Trick Of The Tail show!

In 1976, Phil Collins took the helm as the new singer of Genesis. With the legacy left by Peter Gabriel, the band launched its new World Tour following the release of “A Trick of the Tail”. Genesis kept its tradition of delivering a highly visual show with an extensive song list of new titles and the band’s classic pieces.“A Trick of the Tail”considered one of the strongest and innovative Genesis albums, brought new opportunities for the bands live performance such as the famous drum duet of Collins with guest musician Bill Bruford. Musical Box will now present worldwide, with the help of Genesis and artists involved in the original show, a “Trick of the Tail” in painstaking details including original slides, films, laser effects, special effects and original song list as presented by Genesis in 1976 to capture this important moment in Genesis history.

About this 2Dvd set from Tommygun Video

The latest release in our series of reconstructed concerts.  I figured this would be a very interesting and challenging project I could get working on. And is always the case the idea that appeals to me is being able to recreate a show from a tour that has just about no professional footage to show for it!  So I am pleased to announce that for the very first time we are able to watch a full Musical Box show from their Trick Of The Tail Tour. The band started the tour in Europe on the 27th of September 2008, playing a total of 27 shows lasting until 2010.  Only 27 shows were played for this very interesting era of Genesis with Bill Bruford.

How was it made?
For this film, luckily there does exist 2 main sources of footage that I can use to start with. Both were recorded with camcorders but both were also not quite full shows.  One was filmed in Bitritto, Italy at the Palatour November 9, 2008 and the other at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin January 17, 2009. Each recording had either parts of songs missing or missing whole songs entirely.  Each recording possessed nice, clear closeups, looks of good shots, and both captured lots of great moments.  But lots of times both recordings would lose their way as well.  Zooming too far, people getting in the way, the filmer moving around sometimes during an entire song rendering it unusable, focusing on the wrong musician at the wrong time, and so on.  Not only that but the audio for both shows was completely unusable. Not only was the sound quality not up to par for what I want to do but the people near the filmers were constantly talking. And talking during songs too! The filmers themselves would even talk.  Because of the ruined audio & too many mistakes by both filmers It would be impossible to release any of these 2 films on their own.

So how did i fix this?
By editing together the best sequences from each show and cutting out the bad ones, and a little Final Cut Pro editing magic.  I also had a good amount of B-roll from various other sources to work with. Some also played huge parts in this movie! Otherwise I never would have been able to create this.  Some of the B-roll had some good filming done on their own merit.  I also had about 7 minutes of professional footage to use from the Musical Box TOTT tour promotional film. 

What about the audio?
I had in my possession a nice, clear, audience noise free recording from De Vereeniging,Nijmegen, Netherlands October 10, 2008. To sync the audio properly with various video sources it took many hours & weeks of painstakingly slow, patient, & skillful, professional editing to make sure each cymbal, each ivory on the keyboard, each guitar string, & each vocal to match as best as I can.  This is really the foundation of the entire film project.  Safe to say I'm extremely happy with the results and you will be too! 

So I present to you for the very first time on DVD The Musical Box performing an entire show from their Trick Of The Tail Tour!  This is a long show with almost 2 hours of great music! The playlist is like a Genesis greatest hits (at the time!). Great show, amazing musicianship as they recreate the Genesis Trick Of The Tail Tour to perfection with amazing light show, smoke, lasers, and all!

Disc 1
Dance On A Volcano
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Fly On A Windshield
Carpet Crawlers
story of two virgins
The Cinema Show
Robbery, Assault and Battery
White Mountain
Firth Of Fifth

Time: 58:55

Disc 2
true tapdancing
Supper's Ready
I Know What I Like
Los Endos
It - Watcher Of The Skies

Time : 65:05

Band members:

GREGG BENDIAN – as Bill Bruford
DENIS GAGNE – as Phil Collins vocals
FRANÇOIS GAGNON as Steve Hackett
MARC LAFLAMME - as Phil Collis drummer
DAVID MYERS as Tony Banks


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