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Yes, Going For The One Rehearsals & Tour 1976-1977 2DVD Set

Yes, Going For The One Rehearsals & Tour 1976-1977 2DVD Set

A must have collectors item set for any serious Yes fan/memorabilia enthusiast!

Yes - Live 1976-1977 2DVD set features the Going For The One tour rehearsals and live performance at Glasgow, Scotland. First time these videos are available with vhs audio dropouts patched up.

DVD 1 - Going For The One Sessions:
Mountain Studios in Montreux, Switzerland 1976:
- VHS audio dropouts repaired for DVD. Now for the very first time you can enjoy this wonderful "Making Of" documentary with no VHS audio interruptions.

1 - Jam Session
2 - Awaken/Steve jam/Rick follies
3 - Awaken #2
4 - Turn of the Century
5 - Guitar tech rehearsing Awaken
6 - Tour Meeting
7 - Parallels various takes
8 - Positively 4th St/Knockin On Heaven's Door/Bye, Bye Love - Steve/Chris
9 - Going For The One #1
10 - Vevey - Jon/Rick
11 - Alan/Chris jam session
12 - Steve Howe jam session
13 - Masquerade Improv
14 - Wonderous Stories
15 - Going For The One #2
16 - Awaken #3
17 - Parallels instrumental final take

DVD 2:
Live in Glasgow, Scotland, November 8, 1977 Going For The One Tour

VHS audio dropouts repaired for DVD.
- Shot from the audience center 8mm, very good quality w/camera on tripod for professional looking still picture with skillful zoom & pan work. Yes also is in top form as this is a very good performance with very involved crowd. Great show!

1 - Firebird Suite
2 - Parallels
3 - I've Seen All Good People
4 - Close To The Edge
5 - Wonderous Stories
6 - Colours Of The Rainbow
7 - Turn Of The Century
8 - Tour Song (It's Good To Be In Scotland)
9 - And You And I
10 - Rick's Trick
11 - Going For The One
12 - Flight Jam
13 - Awaken (cut off at end)

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