Jethro Tull - Wolverhampton, England 3-19-1972 TAAB Tour

Jethro Tull - Wolverhampton, England 3-19-1972 TAAB Tour

Folks the quality of this show is very good for 43 years ago and the fact that you get the whole
Thick As A Brick suite should make this show an absolute MUST for anyone who is serious about their music collection.

Date: March 19, 1972
Venue: Wolverhampton Civic Hall, London, England
Quality:  B+ Very good amateur recording from audience

The quality is surprisingly very good as it was for a show from 1972 unfortunately with about 5.45 to go on thick as a brick there was a screeching sound and then the show went on but
clearly something was missing.after comparing it to other TAAB performances i found that
approx 40 seconds was missing.this little glitch detracted so much from the ending of this TAAB
performance that i chose to splice in the missing segment with a performance from 3 days
earlier. I hope the purists will forgive me. But I think they will after they listen to this stunning show!

It should be noted that Jethro Tull never did play the "Do You Believe In The Day" section live during the original tour.

Also of note, as good as it sounds, no complete soundboard audio has ever surfaced from the Jethro Tull prime eras of 1971 to1975!  Suffice to say there really is no other alternative to these specific recordings so if you are only looking for a soundboard audio show from Jethro Tull's most creative era early to mid seventies, of this writing none exist.

This is a great show and a vital addition to any collection.


Disc 1

Thick As A Brick:
- Introduction
- Really Don't Mind / See There is a Son Born
- The Poet and the Painter
-The Poet and the Painter (reprise)
- keyboard solo and jam
- What Do You Do When the Old Man's Gone? / From the Upper Class
- flute solo
- God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman/jam/flute solo
- You Curl Your Toes in Fun / Jeffrey Introduction
- Childhood Heroes / Stabs Instrumental
- The six o'clock news
- See There a Man Is Born
- drum solo
- God is an Overwhelming Responsibility
- Tales Of Your Life / Childhood Heroes Reprise

Disc 2

Cross - Eyed Mary
A New Day Yesterday
Wind-Up (INTRO)
Locomotive Breath
Hard Headed English General/Wind Up (REPRISE)
Walk To The Dressing Room Chatter