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Boston - Live In Long Beach, March 16, 1977

Boston - Live In Long Beach, March 16, 1977

Long Beach, CA March 16, 1977
FM Broadcast, Quality - A+

It is been suggested that the show took place on March 19, 1977. Very good KBFH radio broadcast.

Boston’s sudden success with their 1976 self-titled debut album must have been a surprise to the group but it also meant they had so much more expectations to live up to, expectations which they generally met as on this show. For those who enjoy More Than A Feeling, this extended version will blow you away; and Smokin’ truly lives up to its name. Compared to the Cleveland show, this one sounded looser and, at the same time, it really rocked.

This is what Philip noted: “This is the combined contents of two different versions of this King Biscuit Flower Hour concert. One version was broadcast June 12,1977 and the other version was broadcast November 6, 1977. In these early days of the King Biscuit Flower Hour, the programs were distributed to radio stations on reel to reel tape (2 track/2-channel at 7.5 IPS), though KBFH later changed over to distributing their shows on vinyl, and later, compact disc.

“These recordings were taken from a set of four of these reels obtained in a mail auction in the early 1980s at a modest $50. The Blues Song and the full length Foreplay/Long Time were exclusive to the first version of the show, while the second version of the show omitted The Blues Song and Foreplay, but added Something About You. Despite what you would expect, reproducing the group’s guitar sound live was not a problem, but the main problem with live Boston was the vocals. The late Brad Delp did all the vocals in the studio, but live, the harmony vocals are handled by second guitarist Barry Goudreau and bassist Fran Sheehan. Delp sometimes went flat on the high notes.”

01. Rock & Roll Band
02. Help Me
03. More Than A Feeling
04. It Isn't Easy
05. A Man I'll Never Be
06. Smokin'
07. Peace Of Mind
08. Foreplay
09. Long Time
10. Television Politician

Tom Scholz - guitars, keyboards
Brad Delp - lead vocals
Barry Goudreau - guitar, vocals
Fran Sheehan - bass, vocals
John Hashian - drum