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Fleetwood Mac - San Francisco, June 9, 1968

Fleetwood Mac - San Francisco, June 9, 1968

Fleetwood Mac
June 9, 1968 plus another partial set from the same run of shows (June 7 or 8, 1968).
Carousel Ballroom
San Francisco, CA

Excellent A+ stereo soundboard recording from low gen. source

CD#1 60:55
June 9, 1968 first set
01 [cuts in] Madison Blues  4:31
02 My Baby’s Gone  6:00
03 My Baby’s Skinny  4:48
04 Worried Dream  9:57
05 Dust My Broom  4:32
06 Got To Move  3:00
07 Worried Mind  4:41
08 instrumental  10:29
09 Have You Ever Loved A Woman?  7:58
10 Lazy Poker Blues  4:49

CD#2 55:38
June 9, 1968 second set 36:44
01 [cuts in] Stop Messin’ ‘Round [with Paul Butterfield]  2:12
02 I Loved Another Woman [with Paul Butterfield]  7:03
03 I Believe [with Paul Butterfield]  5:17
04 The Sun Is Shining [with Paul Butterfield]  6:27
05 Long Tall Sally [with Paul Butterfield]  4:53
06 Willie & The Hand Jive 4:04
07 > Tuti Frutti  3:02
08 thanks by Peter Green, announcer band intros + crowd noise before encore  0:32
09 Ready Teddy [cut]  3:16

June 7 or 8, 1968 S.F. Carousel Ballroom  18:52
10 [cuts in] I Need Your Love So Bad  1:46
11 I Believe  4:59
12 Shake Your Moneymaker  9:12
13 Ready Teddy  2:30
14 Peter Green says thanks, announcer outro + crowd noise  0:19

Peter Green - guitar, vocals
John McVie - bass
Mick Fleetwood - drums
Jeremy Spencer - guitar, vocals
Paul Butterfield - harp (where noted)

There are minor channel fluctuations in a few spots but this mostly sounds spectacular with a very 60's sounding mix (vocals in one channel and guitars in the other). To be able to hear Paul Butterfield with Fleetwood Mac is a highlight but Peter Green sounds really great too!
I have heard that this was posted back in the STG era, but this version has been remastered with the sets separated better between discs and some minor "nip and tuck" type edits. No EQ or noise reduction was used in the remastering process.
From Peter Green's stage comments, this is from one week into Fleetwood Mac's first U.S. tour and he sounds like he's having a really good time on the last night of a 3 show run with Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. This is presumed to be the last night because Peter Green makes a comment about how they'll be back in 2 weeks (not the following night). I think that they returned to the Carousel on the 22nd or 23rd of June.
I should mention that the poster for this concert was one of the strangest designs ever. It was a rendition of some medals that was supposed to be cut out and worn. I guess you'd have to see it to understand the concept...