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Yes - Roosevelt Stadium June 17, 1976

Yes - Roosevelt Stadium June 17, 1976

June 17, 1976
Roosevelt Stadium
Jersey City, NJ, USA
"Roosevelt Stadium Again"
Soundboard/radio broadcast A+

disc one:
02. Apocalypse Intro
03. Siberian Khatru
04. Sound Chaser
05. I've Seen All Good People
06. Gates Of Delirium

disc 2:
01. Long Distance Runaround
02. Patrick Moraz Solo
03. Clap
04. Olias Solo
05. Heart Of The Sunrise
06. Ritual
07. DJ Chatter
08. Roundabout
09. DJ Chatter 2
10. I'm Down
11. DJ Outro

Jon Anderson - vocals, guitar, percussion
Steve Howe - guitars
Chris Squire - bass
Patrick Moraz - keyboards
Alan White - drums

After a run of hit albums in the earlier part of the ’70s, Yes released Tormato in 1978. While it struck gold, fans remain divided over the album - from the material (more sci-fi-ish); to production (some say it sounded dull); Rick Wakeman said the band never got the best out of the material and Steve Howe admitted that Yes were unsure of themselves musically at that time - to the cover design.

David Wingrove, reviewing the Yes oeuvre, wrote: “What is significant on Tormato is the collaboration of Anderson and Wakeman - the two SF fans - on three of the explicitly-SF songs. Wakeman’s slightly ’schlock’ influence surfaces on Arriving UFO which abandons for once Anderson’s insistence on ‘inner space’ and, as the lyrics state, sees ‘The coming of outer space’ into Yes’s music for the first time…

“If Anderson’s vision was grounded somewhat by Wakeman in Arriving UFO, in Circus Of Heaven he deliberately lets himself be grounded by his own son, Damion, who rejects his father’s visionary, Mystical Circus of Heaven, preferring one of the more mundane kind, with clowns. If Wakeman’s vision was of the Close Encounters, wide-screen kind, Anderson’s was more akin to Ray Bradbury’s mystical fantasies (in particular to stories like The Fire Balloons in The Illustrated Man collection), blending together myth, fantasy and futurism.”

But live on stage, Yes not only entertained but continued to show they were masters of their craft.
Reputed to be recorded by Yes for an official live album but never released/