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Pink Floyd - Stockholm, Sweden - September 10, 1967

Pink Floyd - Stockholm, Sweden - September 10, 1967
this is a 2011 audience recording of an audience recording originally done in 1967


gyllene circelen

TOTAL: 43:02

01 <announcement>
02 mathilda mother
03 pow r toc h
04 scream thy last scream
05 set the controls for the heart of the sun
06 see emily play
07 interstellar overdrive

- some general information about how this "replay" came to be
- more detailed info here:
- very nice pix here:
- 1st and biggest thank you to mr. lind who originally and perfectly recorded the show
- thanx to peooohh for getting me tix, a place to stay, swedish beer etc etc
- thank to creamcheese for "treating" (only very, very little normalising and editing was done with extreme caution)
- "last time i took drugs, i tried to eat an airport"