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Queen - Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK - September 13, 1973

Queen - Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK - September 13, 1973
Band : Queen
Venue : Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK
Date : 13 September 1973
Royalties at the Hippodrome
SBD - A+

Tracklist :
 1. Alan Black introduction (*, one line from ***)
 2. Procession [instrumental tape intro] (*)
 3. Father To Son (*, middle from **)
 4. Son and Daughter (*, speech from **)
 5. See What A Fool I've Been (**)
 6. Ogre Battle (*, speech from **)
 7. Band Introduction (*)
 8. Liar (*, ending from **)
 9. Jailhouse Rock (**)
10. Stupid Cupid (**)
11. Be Bop A Lula (**)
12. Jailhouse Rock (reprise) (**)
13. Big Spender (**)
14. Bama Lama Bama Loo (**)

This is a 3-source merge of this great recording. This version is a nice upgrade. Some hiss reduction and speed correction were done and everywhere where possible crossfades were used instead of hard cuts.

This is the oldest Queen live recording which made it to the bootleg market. Two older recordings are rumoured - Ewell College 1971 and Marquee Club 1972, but it seems that Ewell College doesn't exist (the recording is actually a slowed-down version of the rock'n'roll medley coming from this concert), and the Marquee 72 recording was sold to Queen Productions (but they claim now that the don't have it), which means that this is the oldest Queen show we can get. The performance is incredible. The sound quality is absolutely excellent, the only problem is that Freddie's vocal is mixed too low, it sounds like the band is standing right before you, but Freddie sings from another room. But still it's very enjoyable.

This show was bootlegged many, many times, but never in complete form. The most complete version comes from the "Digital Queen Archives" bootleg called "Queen Will Be Crowned", which misses one line from the introduction, and has a couple of small few seconds cuts.

"source 1" comes from the "Wardour" silver bootleg called "Pop Spectacular". This recording has much, much better sound quality than all other recodings, because it comes from a BBC Transcription disc. The bad thing is that it misses a big part of Son And Daughter, some speeches, See What A Fool I've Been and all songs after Liar. It had some minor hiss in the background apparent mainly during the first tracks which were carefully removed it with Cool Edit Pro.

"source 3" was a different rebroadcast of this show, only one line from the intro is used from this source.

All 3 sources were used to create this compilation which is now for the very first time COMPLETE and every track has BEST AVAILABLE SOUND QUALITY. The final file was split to single tracks


Lineup :
Freddie Mercury - vocals
Roger Meddows-Taylor - percussion
Deacon John - bass
Brian May - guitar