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Yes - Long Beach, CA - March 19, 1974

Yes - Long Beach, CA - March 19, 1974
Yes-"The Word Is Love"-Tarantura Box Set
-From the original silver discs of the limited edition Tarantura 10 cd box set "The Word Is Love", stated to be from Mike Millard audience masters.
March 19, 1974
Long Beach, California
Long Beach Arena

Disc #1-TCDY-2-1
1.01 Firebird Suite (2.15)
1.02 Siberian Khatru (10.39)
1.03 And You And I (10.04)
1.04 Close To The Edge (20.09)
1.05 The Revealing Science Of God (21.59)
Disc #2-TCDY-2-2
2.01 The Ancient (20.26)
2.02 Ritual (25.02)
2.03 Roundabout (8.17)
2.04 Starship Trooper (11.21)

 This is a great concert coming in the heels of the Inglewood forum concert, I think of it as something of enough importance to be included on the Tales project. No covers, as one should expect, but you can find plenty on the net. I've decided not to include any given the anonymity of these files. Other shows to be included will be a handful of the European leg concerts, the fabulous Boston Tea Party concert (the last time in the tour they played the whole TFTO album) and a few more surprises from the American leg. (the early Philly show and the Tampa show included).