Genesis, Broadway Everglades, January 11, 1975 Lakeland Fl. 2CDr Set

Genesis, Broadway Everglades, January 11, 1975 Lakeland Fl. 2CDr Set


January 11, 1975
Lakeland Theater, Lakeland FL
Soundboard Recording - A
Disc 1
 1. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway  5:11
 2. Fly On A Windshield  2:37
 3. Broadway Melody Of 1974  2:17
 4. Cuckoo Cocoon  2:15
 5. In The Cage  8:20
 6. The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging  3:11
 7. Rael's Story Part 1  1:16
 8. Back In NYC  6:13
 9. Hairless Heart  2:30
10. Counting Out Time  3:52
11. Carpet Crawlers  5:47
12. The Chamber Of 32 Doors  5:50
Total Time 49:19

Disc 2
 1. Rael's Story Part 2  3:28
 2. Lilywhite Lilith  2:59
 3. The Waiting Room  5:24
 4. Anyway  3:27
 5. Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist  2:30
 6. Interlude  1:18
 7. The Lamia  7:12
 8. Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats  3:22
 9. The Colony Of Slippermen  8:47
10. Ravine  1:44
11. The Light Dies Down On Broadway  3:38
12. Riding The Scree  4:33
13. In The Rapids  2:26
14. It  4:49
15. The Musical Box  11:03
Total Time 66:40


When Genesis arrived in North America, in the late fall of 1974, to begin their ‘Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ tour, it would certainly not be an overstatement to say that the odds were stacked against them. The album had not yet been released in America, Steve Hackett was still recovering from a bad hand injury which made playing the guitar very difficult for him and, most of all, the band were facing the formidable prospect of performing over ninety minutes of brand new material which they had never played on stage before. And that was only on the surface. A fierce battle was raging in Peter Gabriel’s mind, the difficult events surrounding the birth of his first daughter and the creation of the celebrated double album having taken their toll on him. With the band about to undertake their most demanding world tour to date, he was contemplating leaving Genesis for good.


   In Cleveland, Ohio, only a few gigs into the tour, Peter Gabriel confided in manager Tony Smith that he would be quitting the band after the tour. The singer then proceeded to break the news to his band colleagues and a huge wave of disbelief and despondency engulfed the Genesis camp in an instant. The other band members, especially his old school friend Tony Banks, tried desperately to persuade Peter to change his mind, but to no avail. With this heavy atmosphere, it is hardly surprising that the first weeks spent promoting the new album turned out to be a painful experience for all concerned. However, when the band resumed the North American tour after the Christmas holiday, the tension had begun to lift a little. With the initial shock of Gabriel’s decision beginning to subside, Genesis, being the consummate perfectionists that they always were, returned to the ‘Lamb’ tour with fierce determination. By now, the album had become a more familiar set piece for both band and audience, and each performance improved in confidence and power.


   The ‘Lamb’ show, although a controversial one in shape and form, became an instant classic. While the band members themselves mostly disagree with that assessment, insisting that something always went wrong during the shows or that some of the songs were not best suited to being performed live, for the fans it was nothing less than a total triumph. Over three decades after the event, new live recordings of ‘Lamb’ shows are still highly sought after by Genesis fans the world over.


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