Genesis Live At Knebworth June 29, 1978 2CDr Set

Genesis Live At Knebworth June 29, 1978 2CDr Set

Genesis Live At Knebworth 1978 2CD  Set

In 1978 Genesis headlined the annual Knebworth Festival, their sole UK date on the "Mirrors" tour. The BBC recorded the show on the Island Record mobile studio and a week later on 1.Jul.78 broadcast some of the show in quadraphonic on the fifth anniversary of Alan Freeman's "Saturday Afternoon Show" between 4:00pm and 5:30pm. The BBC master of this initial broadcast was a 90 minute edit of the show on quad reel-to-reel tape, though no subsequent broadcast has been in quadraphonic sound

During quadraphonic sounds’ short “heyday” in the 1970’s, one issue (of many)
that was never properly resolved was how best to deliver a four channel mix with a stereo
source. The BBC spent a lot of time analyzing all the available options, ultimately
offering their own system, which was called Matrix H.
  It sought to improve on some of the weaknesses in the other quad formats, and
while it worked well in controlled situations, as soon as broadcast trials started (1977),
problems became apparent.  Encoded mixes sounded a bit bland and distant.  To make
matters worse, a proper decoder was never perfected, so even under optimal conditions, a
proper 4 channel decode was never possible.  Broadcast trials continued, with the BBC
doing further experimentation with the encoding.
   By Dec. ’77 the BBC had formally announced that it would be moving on to
Matrix HJ, although a news article announcing this also mentions that Matrix H test
broadcasts were continuing, which does sound a bit contradictory.. Also, announcements
for both the Gentle Giant show in January of  ’78 and Genesis in June of ’78 supposedly
only reference “Matrix H” (that needs a fact check).   Could be just an oversight, but who
knows.   While it offered some improvements in performance, HJ was  “too
little too late”,  with the BBC ultimately ditching it, and moving on to ambisonic surround sound,
which they continue to utilize to this day

Copy and paste this link to listen to a clip of Fountain Of Salmacis


Date: June 29, 1978
Venue: Knebworth Park Festival, England
Quality - A+  Soundboard recording



CD 1
2-Burning Rope
4-The Fountain of Salmacis
5-One For the Vine
6-Deep in the Motherlode
7-The Lady Lies
9-Follow You Follow Me
10-Dance on a Volcano
11-Los Endos

12-I Know What I Like


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