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Genesis - Wot Video? Dallas, Texas, March 19 - 1977 - download

Genesis - Wot Video? Dallas, Texas, March 19 - 1977 -  download

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Genesis - Dallas, Texas March 2, 1977 (uncirculated version)

This is an alternate version not currently in circulation. This version is closer to the VHS transfer as there are a couple of dropouts not on any other version. The quality is also a bit better than any other version especially starting with Dance On A Volcano an on. Other noticeable differences on this version and not available on the others is a few different stage shots/cuts as well as credits rolling at the end including a graphic with the phrase "And Then There Were Three."

1. Firth Of Fifth
2. Dance On A Volcano
3. drum duet
4. Los Endos
5. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/Musical Box closing section
Running time - 27:36


This video clip taken from the 2DVD Set:

Genesis Wot VIdeo? 1977 Wind & Wuthering Tour 2DVD Set

 disc one:

The only eight known filmed  documents of this tour

disc two
Those 8 pieces of film edited together to create a 1977 Wind and Wuthering concert experience! Although there is not enough footage to rebuild an entire Wind and Wuthering show there is certainly enough to create a highlight film that runs long (over an hour) with many long filmed son and some full songs as well! The purpose of making this movie was to recreate the feeling of watching an actual live Wind and Wuthering concert. Which is something that is currently not available to the public or is even known to exist on film. With this film I feel I've temporarily filled that void for now. I am sure you will enjoy it and if you in attendance at one of these sure I hope to bring it back to life for you. I feel confident that this objective has been achieved.