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Genesis - Wot Video? Wind and Wuthering tour 1977 disc one DOWNLOAD NTSC

Genesis - Wot Video? Wind and Wuthering tour 1977 disc one DOWNLOAD NTSC
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Genesis Wot Video 1977 Wind & Wuthering Tour disc one download - NTSC
File size - 4.17 gb
All video downloads estimated about 1-5 minutes

Genesis Wot Video? 1977 2DVD Set

 Contents of this download:

- Genesis Wot Video 1977 disc one - NTSC format
- zip file contains one VIDEO_TS folder and one AUDIO_TS folder, & dvd case artwork

disc one: 

1) Rainbow Theatre Jan. 1, 1977 7:43

1. Eleventh Earl Of Mar 2. One For The Vine 3. Your Own Special Way
*Uncirculated lower generation version with slightly better video & new digital soundtrack.

2) Dallas, Texas March 2, 1977 27:36 (uncirculated version
This is an alternate version not currently in circulation. This version is closer to the VHS transfer as there are a couple of dropouts not on any other version. The quality is also a bit better than any other version especially starting with Dance On A Volcano an on. Other noticeable differences on this version and not available on the others is a few different stage shots/cuts as well as credits rolling at the end including a graphic with the phrase "And Then There Were Three."

1. Firth Of Fifth
2. Dance On A Volcano
3. drum duet
4. Los Endos
5. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/Musical Box closing section

 3) Chester Thompson/Phil Collins Interview 4:20 - Toronto March 6, 1977

 This is a 5 minute interview and riffs (no Genesis tracks) by Phil and Chester, apparently just before their Toronto performance March 6, 1977 based on Phil's shirt. The interviewer is Tony Wilson who worked for Granada, the local TV station in Manchester. (He later ran Factory Records which produced all the Madchester bands like Happy Mondays and Stone Roses.)
It is from film, but without an optimal transfer, there are also weird shots of the in-house screens, and a timecode...but still the quality in both audio and video are nice.

4) Los Angeles Forum March 24, 1977 6:55

Again a low gen uncirculated, very nice, hard to find piece of history on film. Decent quality.
Parts of Squonk, One For The Vine, Firth Of Fifth,
Robbery, Assault & Battery, In That Quiet Earth,  
Eleventh Earl Of Mar, Supper’s Ready, Dance On A Volcano

 5) Mike Douglas Show, March 29, 1977 8:25

Another hard to find copy not in circulation. A clear version of this program with a time-code at top of screen that once the music starts you barely notice at all. Also comes with a new digitally enhance audio soundtrack. Best version of this film to date.

1. Your Own Special Way 2. Afterglow

6) Sao Paulo, Brazil May 21, 1977 2:14

What appears to be footage taken from local news crew located in the pit. Farily good quality and another nice historical document of this tour.

I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

7) Isstadion Stockholm, Sweden June 4, 1977 7:27

A very good quality film shot with a Chinon Super8mm camera with some very good audio & video remastering. This piece of history has only surfaced recently and again not a common piece of film but one of the better quality film documents of this amazing era.

Parts of Squonk, One For The Vine, & Firth Of Fifth

8) Earls Court, London, June 25, 1977 16:42
*Digitally enhanced w/new FM broadcast audio. This is pretty well known bootleg footage and also infamous for it's awfully bad video & horrible audio quality.  I've digitally enhanced the video with Final Cut Pro and while you can't do too much with this without the the original reels at least there is now more disparity between blacks and mid colors resulting in a slightl improved image. And with the new soundboard FM radio broadcast this previously much maligned film is much easier to watch now and a very enjoyable piece of history.

Parts of One For The Vine, Firth Of Fifth, In That Quiet Earth,
Afterglow, I Know What I Like, Supper’s Ready
Dance On A Volcano, Los Endos

Genesis Wot Video 1977 Wind & Wuthering Tour disc TWO download - NTSC format