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Rush - Capital Theater Dec. 10, 1976 & DKRC March 29, 1975

Rush - Capital Theater Dec. 10, 1976 & DKRC March 29, 1975

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Rush Live at the Capital Theater 

December 10,1976

Bastille Day
Lakeside Park
Fly By Night
In The Mood

 Time 40:03


Rush at Don Kirschner's Rock Concert
March 29,1975

Best I Can
In The Mood
Finding My Way

Time 10:47


Geddy Lee interview

City Sonic 
Director: Bruce McDonald, 2009

In June 1976, Rush ended their 2112 tour with three sold-out concerts at Massey Hall, an historic event at an historic venue. These shows were recorded for the double-live album All the World is a Stage an album that broke the band in the U.S., becoming their first Top 40 Billboard hit and paving the way for a string of famous Rush live albums. It was a first for Rush, but not the first time singer/bassist Geddy Lee felt magic on the stage at Massey. Geddy takes us on a tour inside the legendary concert hall and back to the 1970s to reminisce on how getting to watch Cream and Genesis rock Massey Hall as a star-struck teen set the stage for him to make rock music history there himself.

Time 4:54