Genesis Live In Dallas March 19, 1977

Genesis Live In Dallas March 19, 1977
Live at the Moody Coliseum, Dallas, Texas
March 19, 1977 - 2Cdr set

When Peter Gabriel left Genesis after The Lamb tour in the mid-’70s, the group was said to have tested over 400 lead singers before deciding on “homeboy” Phil Collins. The first album without Gabriel, A Trick Of The Tail (1976), was commercially successful and did much to boost the confidence of the remaining members. Striking while the iron was still hot, Genesis quickly recorded and released Wind And Wuthering (December 1976).
When they toured, Genesis decided to go for the best light show imaginable, dropping  the projections they had used in the past. According to the CD notes, “The result was staggering. The sight of those fifty jumbo jet landing lights, lit all at once or flashing in time with the music, or the amazing new laser effects, left audiences stunned and delighted and in no doubt at all that this was indeed a world class band.”
Maybe it’s because of Collins’s voice, and also because of the instrumentation, the songs at the beginning of the show have a “pastoral” feel, only cuscading into a grand florish towards the end. But the drive of the songs, Steve Hackett’s blazing guitar and the combined force of the group meant the group had not exhausted itself musically nor were Genesis a spent force. In fact, their biggest success would come in 1986 with the Invisible Touch album but in 1977, by the time Genesis played The Moody Coliseum in Dallas, Texas, they were already on the road for nearly three months.

Disc 1
01. Squonk
02. One For The Vine 
03. The Story of Harry
04. Robbery, Assault & Battery
05. The story of Myrtle
06. Your Own Special Way
07. Firth Of Fifth
08. Carpet Crawlers
09. …In That Quiet Earth
10. Afterglow
Disc 2
01. I Know What I Like
02. Eleventh Earl Of Mar
03. The Story of Romeo and Juliet
04. Supper’s Ready
05. Dance On A Volcano
06. Drum Duet
07. Los Endos
08. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

09. The Musical Box (closing section)

Date: March 19, 1977
Venue: Moody Coliseum, Dallas, Texas

Quality - SBD, Quality A+

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