Kansas - Canada Jam - August 26, 1978

Kansas - Canada Jam - August 26, 1978
Mosport Park
Barrie Ontario
Canada Jam
August 26, 1978
Professionally recorded concert  - Soundboard audio A+

Disc One

Song For America
Point of Know Return
Down the Road
Mysteries & Mayhem (excerpt from Lamplight Symphony)
The Wall

Disc Two

Lonely Street
Dust in the Wind
Miracles Out of Nowhere
Portrait (He Knew)
Carry On Wayward Son
Magnum Opus
Bringing it Back

Phil Ehart
Dave Hope
Kerry Livgren
Robby Steinhardt
Steve Walsh
Richard Williams

Canada Jam [no label, 1CD]
Live at Mosport Park, Ontario, Canada, August 26, 1978.

Around 1975 when Frampton Comes Alive sold tens of millions, a light bulb appeared above record execs’ heads. Imagine owning a stable of arena-rock bands? The same idea probably inhabited anyone who could play a guitar or form a band. Out of Topeka, Kansas, came… Kansas, the band.

The band really hit its stride with Leftoverture and Point Of Know Return. By 1976, their fascination with exploring mythical beings, writing epics and songs with suites had reached a compromise stage. They fiddled with violins, classical and jazz structures but Kansas had to make the songs tuneful and catchy as on Carry On Wayward Son and their FM anthem, Dust In The Wind, to sell more records and hit the charts. Thankfully their songs were never compromised. They still carried big ideas as on the Einstein tribute Portrait and the Orwellian horror of Sparks Of The Tempest, both from Point Of Know Return.

In concert, as exemplified here, they are more than capable of delivering what they’d wrought in the studio. No longer did popular music need a common cause like a generation gap to rebel against to gather the people. It had become the object of desire itself. This show from 1978 finds the band at the peak of their popularity before any of the original members had left. Great show, great performance. The master soundboard recordings of this show has since been given to Kerry Livgren of Kansas. This mix of the tapes was done by a fan in 1991 and later speed corrected by Coasternut in 2005.
– The Little Chicken

Track 01     Song For America
Track 02     Point Of Know Return
Track 03     Paradox
Track 04     Down The Road
Track 05     Mysteries And Mayhem - Lamplight Symphony Segment
Track 06     The Wall
Track 07     Lonely Street
Track 08     Dust In The Wind
Track 09     Miracles Out Of Nowhere
Track 10     Portrait (He Knew)
Track 11     Carry On Wayward Son
Track 12     The Magnum Opus
Track 13     Bringing It Back