Traffic - Live in London - April 30, 1970

Traffic - Live in London - April 30, 1970

April 30, 1970
Paris Theatre
London, UK
BBC "In Concert"

01 [6:54] Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring?
02 [7:28] Every Mother's Son
03 [6:33] No Time To Live
04 [3:08] Medicated Goo
05 [5:28] John Barleycorn
06 [5:22] Pearly Queen
07 [5:27] Stranger To Himself
08 [6:59] Empty Pages
09 [7:54] Glad >
10 [5:33] Freedom Rider

total: 60:46

band members: Steve Winwood, Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi

Notes: The complete BBC transcription disc that recently surfaced is really good, but lacks the nice stereo mix that the Westwood One disc has. To preserve those stereo mixes, a new combination was created.

The transitions between mono and stereo are not very noticeable though there were challenges in merging the sources because the Westwood One disc had more crowd noise than the unedited BBC disc. For that reason, the change from mono to stereo is a few seconds into the song in a few cases. Gradual panning was used to smooth the changes.